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DPP Structure

Our One Player approach focuses on the individual both on and off the field. We demand the highest standards in our pursuit of excellence.

To support this we have created our own bespoke Long Term Player Development Model- The GPS Developing Player Plan (DPP).  This provides GPS players with age-specific provision, preparing them to be successful throughout their soccer journey.  This  tiered approach provides foundations and tiered education allowing all players to maximize their potential.

The job of GPS and its staff is to capture and sustain the richness of the game. We want to instill passion in our players and a life-long enthusiasm for soccer.

We believe the player grows with the game ensuring an holistic approach to player development relative to their growth. To ensure this we use a periodization model with key topics worked on throughout the season at appropriate touch points and ensuring we are not merely reacting to the weekend's performance.

  • Increased number of players added to game format as players mature and develop
  • Progression of key game concepts 
  • Developing technical proficiency and consistency
  • Ensuring the player athlete is catered for 
  • Assist with supporting the players growth mindset

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Access to Content

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