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Long Term Player Development

In 2016 Global Premier Soccer created its first Long Term Player Development plan.

This only highlights the lengths we are moving to ensure we are continuing to be a leading light in the development of soccer players.

The Developing Player Plan is GPS own specific adaption of a Long-Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD). These models are Periodized athlete training and develop that understands and tailors provision for the various natural stages of physical, mental and emotional growth in athletes. All major national and international sporting bodies across the world have a LTAD plan which is at the core of their athlete development. 

Like all LTAD programs we align to deliver the following:

  • To capture and sustain the richness of the game, for all players to enjoy soccer.
  • To encourage, promote and provide opportunities for sustained involvement in soccer.
  • To provide a structured player development pathway which improves all players at every level
  • To create opportunities and best practice for elite player development
  • To develop highly trained and motivated staff who understand how to educate, enthuse and encourage players.

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GPS Developing Player Plan

The GPS Developing Player Plan is to ensure consistency  for soccer player development, training, competition, and recovery based  on a players stage of development. It is player centred and coach driven while being sport science and parent supported

GPS Developing Player Plan

  • Clear progressive structure  which avoids any developmental gaps in player’s development growth.
  • Ensures a consistent approach to player development that delivers appropriate and relevant content. 
  • Provides program alignment and integration throughout Global Premier Soccer from GPS Juniors to Premier programming and for all coaches across our geography.
  • Was created by researching models of good practice, highly esteemed club visits, scientific principles and practical coaching experiences and knowledge.

Why? Because it benefits our players.

Why have a specific Long Term plan to player development- because it provides many benefits to all stakeholders involved in the creation of a soccer player.